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When it seems like everything these days promotes pure positivity

When it seems like everything these days promotes pure positivity, sunshine, and rainbows it's easy to forgot that humans need to experience all of their emotions. You're allowed to be upset, disappointed, angry, hurt, sad etc. You don't owe it to anyone to sequester your feelings, and sometimes you have to give people the room to feel what they need to feel, even if it doesn't make sense to you. On that note though you do have to remember that making mistakes and things not going as you planned is okay, it's frustrating but beating yourself up over it is not helpful to the situation or yourself. My random thought for the day hah.

That moment when you're headed to work feeling like you forgot something ... And you did, you forgot that part when you are getting ready where you do your hair, that's why it's still half wet smarty pants. Go me. Come see me dance Tholos tonight shows at 7pm and 9pm and see me with untouched air dried hair, also the jazz and blues festival is happening this weekend, so lots to see and listen to:)

To the cat the puked up bones and intestines from the poor unfortunate rodent soul you ingested earlier right in front of my bedroom door ... I'd be more upset if the idea of upchucking bones didn't seem like punishment itself.
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Dancing Wednesday July 1st at THolos in Blue Mountain for Canada Day at 7pm and 9pm!! Come and enjoy the dinner, dancing, and then the beautiful firework show from on top of the mountain. And as a challenge (and the realization that I don't have a red and white costume), I dove into my fabric stash to see what I could find to try and make a costume for the occasion by Wednesday!!! Will I make something in time??? Come see me Wednesday to find out... starting right MEOW!!!!
While I am admittedly not at my usual weight, and am working to get back to it, I still get questions about any fitness or exercise regime that I follow for dance, and I have to share one of my secrets to my big booty. First you're going to need a lot of cats(double digits) and as such, a lot of litter boxes (I have 7) then you can begin what I call "The Squat 'N' Scoop". That's right , you'll be holding a squat at least 15 minutes while cleaning up after your feline overlords. Once comfortable with it you can add omis, abdominal isolations, flutters, and even twerking. And the best part is I am actually kind of serious ... Haha
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