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Good Morning! Just a little note to let people know that I will NOT be dancing

Good Morning! Just a little note to let people know that I will NOT be dancing at THolos in Blue Mountain this weekend as a result of other commitments. However, the beautiful Daniella Wieclawek will be there providing belly dancing entertainment for your enjoyment. So go enjoy the show and I'll be back next weekend.

My heart hurts for the victims and their families of the tragic violence in SC. I hope that justice is served and that this opens the floor for the much needed serious discussion about racism, mental health, and intent to harm that seems to be rampant in America. Altering gun laws will just serve as a band aid, it won't address the intent to act violently and cause harm to other human beings. It won't address the recognition and treatment of mentally unstable or volatile individuals . It won't address that people aren't empathetically viewed as other human beings to some but rather as something to harm and be discarded. The issue here is the entitled and thoughtless intent to harm others for incredibly unjustified reasons, and discussion in that area is necessary. Don't make it about the inanimate objects, make it about the people and their intent. It's the people that matter, it's the people that have lost, the people that have suffered, and the people that are at risk from other people. People are the problem, and as such also the solution.

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