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Why does reality irk people?! Why Photoshop out creases in the skin

Why does reality irk people?! Why Photoshop out creases in the skin, when in reality those creases appear while dancing. Why Photoshop out the shadow cast on the wall or ground from the flash or sunlight, when that shadow would be cast by the sun or spotlight/ or flash in person? Received a DM on Instagram with advice for more professional photos. Unsolicited advice grinds my gears. The goal with my pictures has always been that they represent myself and my work, the reality of dance. It's my goal that when I show up at a booking I look just like the girl in the photos and videos. My goal is that I am viewed as a professional, athlete, and artist, not as a "pretty girl in a costume from the picture". I am not aiming for perfection in any of my pictures, I am aiming for authenticity.
 — feeling annoyed.
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